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Worry-Free Dentistry with Sedation

We understand that some people have great anxiety about dental visits. Their fear may center around having a shot, needing drilling, or simply sitting in the dental chair to complete a procedure. Now we can offer you a relaxing visit throughout your treatment. With sedation dentistry, you won't even recall going to your appointment.

By just taking one pill, one hour before your treatment, you will begin to feel relaxed. As you sit in the dental chair, you gradually reach a deep level of sedation. You will not be aware of the procedure, but will still be able to speak to the dentist if he asks you questions. Vital signs are continually monitored. And when the treatment is completed, you have someone drive you home.

Some people have a fear of being "put under." But you are not completely sedated, as during surgery. You are still conscious, but unaware of the work being performed. You retain a level of perception, so this type of sedation is a happy medium of losing your fear, but not your consciousness.

This also works well for those who are highly resistant to anesthesia. It is also used for patients who can't spare the time for multiple visits. In just one visit, extensive work can be accomplished. We also use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for lighter sedation needs. You will feel relaxed and relieved to have conscious sedation available for all your dental work.

A Completely Natural Relaxation Option

How would you like to be completely relaxed throughout your treatment and leave feeling rejuvenated and energetic? We are happy to offer our patients the option of the NuCalm® System. NuCalm uses a totally natural substance that contains absolutely no narcotics, as well as light-blocking eye masks and specific methods to bring you to the first stage of sleep. It relaxes you completely, throughout your treatment. There are no side effects and no reported adverse reactions. Over 250,000 patients have chosen this treatment option! Ask us if NuCalm is right for you.

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